My Favorite Song

My favorite song is, by far, Illuminated by Hurts. The slow tempo, combined with the openness and vibrato of the singer gives a very beautifully epic atmosphere. The electronic rhythm in the background, and the singer’s perfect pitch makes me always want to hear more of the song. Not only does it have an excellent melody, but the lyrics are meaningful. For an example in the chorus, he sings “Suddenly my eyes are open, Everything comes into focus, oh. We are all illuminated, Lights are shining on our faces, blinding. We are, we are, blinded.” This song can be interpreted many ways, but I think of it as the singer has finally seen the world as it is, instead of how he thought of it before. I can relate to this song. Some time ago, the world was only what I could see: my elementary school, and my house. The song doesn’t have that many lyrics, but it makes up for it in it’s dragging. I believe it follows an ABAB song structure, with a coda at the end.

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